Books and Articles

Selected Jacobs Publications on Trial Admissibility, Prisons, Criminal Records, Organized Crime and Racketeering

Criminal Records

James B. Jacobs, Dimitra Blista, Lauryn Gouldin and Elena Laraurri, “Criminal Records and Immigration: Comparing the United States and the European Union”, Fordham Journal of International Law (2015, vol 39 Fordham Journal of International Law, page 206).

James B. Jacobs & Elena Larrauri, “European Criminal Records and Ex-Offender Employment,” Oxford Handbooks On-line in Criminology: European Criminal Justice, Michael Tonry, ed., Oxford University Press, (forthcoming, 2016).

James B. Jacobs, The Eternal Criminal Record, Harvard University Press (Harvard University Press, 2015).

James B. Jacobs & Lili Dao, Confidentiality, Juvenile Records, Encyclopedia of Juvenile Delinquency & Justice (forthcoming 2015).

James B. Jacobs, “The Negative C.V.” in Henner Hess, ed. Die Sinnprovinz der Kriminalitat, festschrift for Prof. Dr. Sebastian Scheerer, Springer 2014, pp. 245 – 255.

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James B. Jacobs, Admissibility of the Defendant’s Criminal Records at Trial, Beijing Law Review, Vol. 4 No. 3, 2013, pp. 120-127.

James B. Jacobs & Dimitra Blitsa, US, EU & UK Employment Vetting as Strategy for Preventing Convicted Sex Offenders from Gaining Access to Children (2012, vol 20 European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law & Criminal Justice, page 265)

James B. Jacobs, The Jurisprudence of Police Intelligence Files and Arrest Records, National Law School of India Review (vol. 22 (1) 2010).

James B. Jacobs & Elena Larrauri, A Spanish Window on European Law and Policy on Employment Discrimination Based on Criminal Record, Essays on European Penology, Tom Deams, Dirk van Zyl Smit et al eds.  (Hart Publishers 2012).

James B. Jacobs & Elena Larrauri, Are Criminal Convictions a Public Matter? A Comparison of Law & Policy in Spain and the U.S.,” Are-Criminal-Convictions-a-Public-Matter.pdf 14 (1) (Punishment and Society 3-28, January 2012).

James B. Jacobs & Dimitra Blitsa, Paedophiles, Employment Discrimination, and European Integration,  in Universalis: Liber Amicorum Cyrille Fijnaut, edited by Toine Spapens, Marc Groenhuijsen & Tijs Kooijmans, Intersentia Publishers, 2011, pp. 335-346 Paedophiles, Employment Discrimination, and European Integration

James B. Jacobs & Jennifer Jones, Keeping Firearms Out of the Hands of the Dangerously Mentally Ill, 47(3) Criminal Law Bulletin 388-409 (2011)

James B. Jacobs, The Jurisprudence of Police Intelligence Files and Arrest Records, 22 National Law School of India Review 135-158 (2010) The Jurisprudence of Police Intelligence Files and Arrest Records

James B. Jacobs & Daniel Curtin, Remedying Defamation By Law Enforcement: Fall Out from the Wen Ho Lee, Steven Hatfall and Brandon Mayfield Settlements, 46 Criminal Law Bulletin 223-248 (2010) Remedying Defamation

James B. Jacobs, The Community’s Role in Defining the Aims of the Criminal Law, in Timothy Lynch, ed. In the Name of Justice, Massachusetts: Cato Institute, 2009, at 119-129 The Community’s Role in Defining the Aims of the Criminal Law

James B. Jacobs, Gang Databases: Context and Questions,  8 Criminology and Public Policy 705 (2009) Gang Databases

James B. Jacobs & Dimitra Blitsa, Sharing Criminal Records: The United States, The European Union and Interpol Compared, 30 Loy. L.A. Int’l & Comp. L. Rev. 125-210 (2008)

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James B. Jacobs & Jessica S. Henry, Ban the Box to Promote Ex-Offender Employment, 6 Criminology and Public Policy 755-762 (2007)

James B. Jacobs & Dimitra Blitsa, Major “minor” Progress Under the Third Pillar: EU Institution Building in the Sharing of Criminal Record Information, 8 Chi-Kent J. Int’l & Comp. L. 111-137 (2007)

James B. Jacobs, Mass Incarceration & the Proliferation of Criminal Records, 3 University of St Thomas Law Journal 387-420 (2005–2006)

James B. Jacobs & Frank Anechiarico, “Blacklisting Public Contractors as an Anti-Corruption and Racketeering Strategy”, 11 Criminal Justice Ethics, 64-76, Summer/Fall 1992.

Regulation of Firearms

James B. Jacobs, “Zimring/Hawkins Citizen’s Guide to Gun Control: A Retrospective”,  23 Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law 75 (2018).

James B. Jacobs & Zoe Fuhr, “Preventing Dangerous Mentally Ill Individuals From Obtaining and Retaining Guns: New York’s Safe Act,” 44 Georgetown Journal of Law & Policy 77 (2016)

James B. Jacobs, “Why Ban “Why Ban Assault Weapons”,  37 Cardozo L. Rev. 102 (2015).

James B. Jacobs & Jennifer Jones, “Keeping Firearms Out of the hands of the Dangerously mentally Ill,” 47(3) Criminal Law Bulletin 388 – 409 (2011)

James B. Jacobs and Domingo Villaronga, “Mapping the U.S. Gun Culture: A Content Analysis of Gun Magazines,” 16 Journal of Firearms & Public Policy 135 – 155 (2004).

James B. Jacobs, “Gun Shows and Gun Control” in Bernard E. Harcourt, Guns, Crime and Punishment in America (New York University Press, 2003)

James B. Jacobs, Can Gun Control Work? Oxford University Press (2002).

James B. Jacobs, “Extending Brady to Gun Shows and the Secondary Market”, 37(3) Criminal Law Bulletin, May/June 2001: 248-262, (co-author Daniel M. Heumann).

James B. Jacobs, “Comprehensive Handgun Licensing & Registration: An Analysis & Critique of Brady II, Gun Control’s Next (and Last?) Step”, 89 J. of Criminal Law & Criminology 81-110, 1998 (co-author Kimberly Potter).

“Keeping Guns Out of the “Wrong” Hands: the Brady Law and the Limits of Regulation,” 86 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology  93-120 (1995) (co-author Kimberly Potter).

James B. Jacobs, “The Regulation of Personal Chemical Weapons: Some Anomalies in American Weapons Law,” University of Dayton Law Review (Symposium: Gun Control and the Second Amendment), vol. 15, no. 1, 141-155, 1989.

Organized Crime and Labor Racketeering

James B. Jacobs and Elizabeth A. Dondlinger Wyman, Organized Crime Control in the United States of America, in The Oxford Handbook of Organized Crime (2014).

James B. Jacobs, “Is Labor Union Corruption Special?”, 80 Social Research 1057 – 1086, Winter 2013 (symposium issue on Corruption, Accountability & transparency).

James B. Jacobs & Kerry T. Cooperman. Breaking the Devil’s Pact: The Battle to Free the Teamsters from the Mob. New York: NYU Press, 2011.

James B. Jacobs & Dimitri D. Portnoi, Combating Organized Crime with Union Democracy: A Case Study of the Electoral Reform in United States v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 42 Loyola of L.A. L. Rev 335-425 (2009)

James B. Jacobs & Dimitri D. Portnoi, Administrative Criminal Law and Procedure in the Teamsters Union: What Has been Achieved After (Nearly) Twenty Years?, 28 Berkeley J. Emp. & Lab. L. 429-493 (2007)

James B. Jacobs. Mobsters, Unions & Feds. New York: NYU Press, 2006.

James B. Jacobs & Ryan P. Alford, The Teamsters Rocky Road to Recovery: The Demise of Project RISE, 9 Trends in Organized Crime 5-23 (2005)

James B. Jacobs, Eileen Cunningham and Kimberly Friday, The RICO Trusteeships After Twenty Years: A Progress Report, 19 The Labor Lawyer 419- 480 (2004)

James B. Jacobs & Kristin Stohner, Ten Years of Court-Supervised Reform: A Chronicle and Assessment, 6 Cal. Crim. L. Rev. 3-40 (2004)

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James B. Jacobs & Cyrille Fijnaut, The Failures of American Law Enforcement in Combating Organized Crime, in James B. Jacobs & Cyrille Fijnaut. Organized Crime and Its Containment: A Transatlantic Initiative. New York: NYU Press, 1991

James B. Jacobs, Ronald Goldstock, Martin Marcus & Thomas D. Thacher II. Corruption and Racketeering in the New York City Construction Industry: The Final Report of the New York State Organized Crime Task Force. New York: NYU Press, 1990.

James B. Jacobs & Thomas D. Thacher II, Getting Corruption Out of Construction, 2 Portfolio: A Quarterly Review of Trade and Transportation 35 (1989)

James B. Jacobs & Thomas D. Thacher II, Introduction to Attacking Corruption in Union-Management Relations: A Symposium, 42 Industrial & Labor Relations Review 501-507 (1989)


James B. Jacobs & Kerry T. Cooperman,  A Proposed National Corrections College, New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement, (2012)

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Selected Skolnick Publications on Criminal Justice

Jerome Skolnick, Democratic Policing Confronts Terror and Protest, 33 Syracuse J. Int’l L. & Comm. 191 (2005)

Jerome Skolnick & Elliot Currie. Crisis in American Institutions. New York: Harper Collins, 1994.

Jerome Skolnick, Wild Pitch: “Three Strikes, You’re Out” and Other Bad Calls on Crime, American Prospect (1994)

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Jerome Skolnick & Richard A. Leo, The Ethics of Deceptive Interrogation, 11 Crim. Jus. Ethics 1 (1992).

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Jerome Skolnick & David Bayley. The New Blue Line: Police Innovation in Six American Cities. Illinois: The Free Press, 1986.

Jerome Skolnick, Deception by Police, 1 Crim. Just. Ethics 40 (1982)

Jerome Skolnick. House of Cards: Legalization and Control of Casino Gambling. Boston: Little Brown, 1978.

Jerome Skolnick & Richard D. Schwartz. Society and the Legal Order: Cases and Materials in the Sociology of Law. New York: Basic Books, 1968.