Current Research Projects

The Center’s research is currently focused on three  areas:

The legal assault on organized crime: This project seeks to document and analyze the dismantling of traditional Italian-American organized crime in the late 20th century. With law students and fellows working as research assistants and coauthors, Jacobs has written five books and nearly two dozen journal articles on the efforts of prosecutors, law-enforcement officers and courts to eradicate Cosa Nostra. A list of this scholarship, as well as other work by those involved in the Center can be found on the Books and Articles page.

Proliferation, scope and use of criminal records:  The Center has produced fifteen articles in this area. For 2012-2013, Jacobs was awarded a Guggenheim fellowship to work on a comprehensive study of the nature, history, dissemination and consequences of criminal records, which is forthcoming as The Eternal Criminal Record from Harvard University Press (Winter 2015). Research on criminal records continues, especially international comparisons.

Prison and Jail Administration:  This research focuses on “ ‘the human infrastructure’ of corrections, including leadership, recruitment and training, compensation and impact of unions.”